Requesting a Plot in Hill Top Plaza

PM @Teddro or @Kreskofter here on the website to ask for a plot. Available plots will have a numbered sign on it.
Tell us the plot number on that sign and we will be able to assign you permission to build there even if we are not online. Otherwise, you will have to wait until one of us are in the game to help you out.

Building in Hill Top Plaza:

There are rules to follow regarding owning a shop plot.
You must be using a shop plot for the purposes of selling items to make money.
This means you cannot just list 1 or two items for sale just so you can toss up a build in the Plaza. It needs to be an actual place of commerce.
No farms (Wheat, Sugar Cane, etc) or farm animals. One or two pets is fine, but be reasonable.
No complex redstone constructs. We don't want to lag shoppers.
1 Owner per shop. There is a height limit set at 20 blocks up and 20 blocks down. This is imposed by a region in the area.
If you have questions about your existing shop, please see the FAQ below.

What else should I know?
You are allowed to use any colors you want, but if we decide that it looks bad , you may have to change it up.
Remember, these shops are one of the first things new users will see when they join us. Make a good impression!
You don't have to build a big rectangle-shaped box! Your region is a rectangle, but you can build a store in any design or shape of your choosing.

Important Details:

You can lose your spawn plot to someone else if you either stop playing or just neglect it. These are prime spots for perspective merchants and should be maintained accordingly.

30 days of inactivity, or at the Admin's discretion, and you can lose your plot without warning.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact @Teddro or @Kreskofter

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