Discussion in 'Membership Application' started by QuiveryNut, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. QuiveryNut

    QuiveryNut New Member

    Your name : Ryan

    IGN: QuiveryNut

    Age: 19 (i know, its 21+ but its worth a shot)

    And some brief information about yourself. I've been playing minecraft for about six years now, and at this point i'm just looking for a laid back adult server where i don't have to censor myself. Also the current server that I play on has a lot of drama and i'm looking to get away from it. I hope you consider my app, thanks.
  2. Teddro

    Teddro Administrator Staff Member

    So sorry, but the age requirement on the server is non-negotiable. Application is denied. We look forward to your return in two years.

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