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    Hey, im Lilly! WannaBeNerd is my username, age 24. Ill keep it brief, but its been a good while since ive played Minecraft. Use to play quite abit, but after awhile, found myself into a few other games. Mainly, WoW. But its been a couple years since ive played, and id love to get back into it! Nothing more appealing then being able to enjoy the game with a community of gamers 21+ with rules that are reasonable. As for alittle more about myself, music is my biggest hobby. I play the violin, guitar, piano and ukulele, along with singing. Im a big home body, night owl, and ultimately just love to hangout and play some games. Thats about it for me, hope to see you guys soon!
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    Welcome to Krumbled, WannaBeNerd! :)
    Before you play, please read all server rules located at

    At spawn you will find a bank to sell your mob drops and gems.
    You can type “/kit welcome” for free starter gear and food. One time use only.

    When you venture out to build, please be sure to build 300 blocks away from other members’ builds.
    To help you, the live map can be found at

    We also have a tutorial on our website for the plugins we use.
    You can find that here:

    Have fun! :)


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