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    I am Diosita, and I am waaaaaaay older than 21.☠ I dislike making my age public (call it a pet peeve of enormous sizes), but the one set privately is the correct year so the admins can see. (Sorry if that already makes me sound sneaky or such, more like one of my personal skeletons that I am making public info because I am a Crazy Cat Lady... by trade and livelihood!)

    A Little Info: I was looking to make some new adult friends in Minecraft, and while the survival server probably wont be my thing because I am all about pure vanilla without home, TPs, etc... I saw you also had a Skyblock, and I LOVE Skyblock! (Maybe I should check to make sure which Skyblock because I am picky about that as well...)

    Wow... after reading my info so far, I sure come across as a snobby and entitled wench... which, I promise, I'm not. But, I am so finely aged (aka OLD) that I know what I like and what I want...

    I apologize for my blunt honesty. I think it is going to end up getting me in trouble someday; although I think it serves me fairly well in my career as a psych nurse.⚰☡

    I have 4 cats that I think are trying to kill me (even as I lay here in bed, they are staring at me, plotting my demise... okay, no, it is really their dinner time, and they want to know why Mom is not up feeding them... I am applying to a Minecraft server, kittehs!! Hold your droolies! :)

    Ummm what else.... I also play Overwatch, love it!! So, anyone here plays - or some other Steam games, that is cool too...

    I wish you had a vanilla server. I have so much to do still to "Finish Minecraft" by my own personal whackadoodle rule system... maybe if I donate some $, you can bungee me off a personalized Diosita-vanilla server? * Big Doe Eyes Here: O.O * No, no, no phone... DOE eyes, not doo doo with eyes. OMG, ragequit.

    I love to build old school Taco Bells in the desert, and you know you really want a place to come get the worst Mexican food north of the border!

    While I await your decision, I have some cats that are now climbing on me to be fed !

    See attached for proof of who my killers were when they find my body a month from now ☠



    PS: Sorry I get carried away by my emojis... and memes. Cant live without memes. (Well, the emojis looked great in my app, but dont show up in preview... which is fine, because it just makes me seem a little more nuttier than I am already seeming :)

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  2. Teddro

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    what is your name?
  3. Diosita

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    Diosita ? (That is my IGN too... to clarify)

    If you are asking about my real life name, lordy, that response would make me even more sound like 50 Shades of Bat Shit Crazy
  4. Teddro

    Teddro Administrator Staff Member

    Application Denied

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