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  1. Amanda

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    Name: Amanda

    IGN: ScrappyOutlaw

    Age: 29

    Hiya. I started playing Minecraft in 2011 while in college and quickly became hooked. I moderated for a couple of smaller servers and enjoyed the community. School became more demanding and I stopped playing for a couple of years. I recently have gotten back into the game but I'm finding single player is quite lonely! I came across your server and I'm hoping it might be the new home I'm looking for. More about me: I just had my first little, I enjoy bike riding and swimming, and my gaming habit started when I was six years old and my parents bought me a super Nintendo!

    Thanks for the consideration!
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  2. Teddro

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    Welcome to KrumbledMC, ScrappyOutlaw. Before you play, please read all server rules located at

    At spawn you will find a bank to sell your mob drops and gems. You can type “/kit welcome” for free starter gear and food. One time use only. When you venture out to build, please be sure to build 300 blocks away from other members’ builds. To help you, the live map can be found at We also have a tutorial on our website for the plugins we use. You can find that here: Enjoy! :)

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