Discussion in 'Membership Application' started by NchantedHoe, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. NchantedHoe

    NchantedHoe New Member

    Ok Kresk, I missed you... so here I am applying to play ;)

    Used to play lots (and lots and lots) on Woodenaxe. Been playing... since the beginning of MC. Not a die hard player much anymore, but still enjoy unwinding after work to the "pop pop pop" of cobble and wood. Looking for a server that doesn't feel like I'm in single player mode!
  2. Kreskofter

    Kreskofter Administrator Staff Member

    We are very careful who we allow to play on the server. We don't allow the bully mentality that was so prominent on WA. We are a "nice" server.
    I invited you to play here, and you showed up, but decided not to play, because we are a "nice" server.
    I'm protective of my server and the members that play on it. Because of this, I'm denying your application.
    Good luck on your search.

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