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Discussion in 'Requesting a Plot in Hill Top Plaza' started by Rangerdan1801, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Rangerdan1801

    Rangerdan1801 New Member

    List of all shops and what is sold
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  2. Rangerdan1801

    Rangerdan1801 New Member

    Specializing in stained clay

    Yall stop by, ya hear
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  3. D4rkGryph0n

    D4rkGryph0n Moderator

    Specializing in rare enchanted books
    Have some raw foods available
    Ironworks coming soon
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  4. Stompp

    Stompp New Member

    Purpur / End stuff
    Rarer books than D4rk ;)
    Cactus? :D
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  5. sogomango

    sogomango New Member

    Random Assortment
    (Glowstone, Dark Oak Saplings, Food stuffs, nether wart, eggs, sugar cane, paper, etc!) I also would be happy to add things to the store if anyone has a request.
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  6. Cindi Delaney

    Cindi Delaney New Member

    Grammie's General Store
    Cookies, milk, pumpkin pie and all the goodies you can think of.
    Home decorations, flowers, colored glass (all colors)
    Banners of all kinds and colors. Custom orders taken.
    Make sure to check out Grammie's Attic on the 3rd floor for a few oddities. Custom orders taken ;)
    Come by and browse a bit.
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  7. Cindi Delaney

    Cindi Delaney New Member

    Come Visit I add new stuff all the time!

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