Server Rules

Welcome to KrumbledMC Correctional Facility Do the crime, do the time


• All RESIDENCES are allowed a 300 block buffer zone. Simple claimed property is not. Players cannot see your claimed property unless you make a res (residence), which appears in red on the map, so the buffer zone will not be enforced unless you make a residence. Residences will always take priority over simple claimed areas.
• Tunneling is not to extend outside the 300 block diameter buffer zone surrounding your residence. This includes railways and roads.
• It is your responsibility to secure your items via, lockette or res permissions.
• When you place torches down, you are claiming that property as your own. If there is no significant build (as determined by the owners) in 30 days, the owners may, at their discretion, reclaim the area for the server.
• If you build below ground, you must torch up the surface of the ground, so members are aware of your location.




• Any area that has been noticeably cleared, or marked (torches, fences, etc.) is considered claimed by another individual. Please respect these boundaries and do not build near or through these areas.
• If you want to build close to another build or in a town or city, please respect the owner and let them know. Usually, the owner has a residence set nearby.
• You can find out the owner of the nearby residence by left-clicking on a block at the residence with a piece of string.




• Simply placing down a chest in an area DOES NOT claim that area.
• Any unlocked chest sitting in an unclaimed area is fair game.
• If you are inviting strangers into your residence and using it as a shop, be extra cautious and lock all of your doors, chests and furnaces. MOB GRINDERS and FARMS:
• You are allowed to have your own personal grinders and farms.
• Only 1 mob farm for each type of mob is allowed (e.g. Having 2+ Zombie, Skellie or guardian farms is just greedy and not allowed)
• Grinders using multiple spawners ARE allowed.
• Please note: If for any reason, your mob spawners, grinders, or xp farms cause server lag, you will be asked to make changes to your design or stop completely. If you fail to do so, we will break it for you.
• Public mob grinders and farms are not allowed on this server, with the exception of The End Grinder (/warp endgrinder). This is to protect the server economy.




• Redstone builds are allowed, as long as they do not lag the server.
• If you build a disruptive redstone device (e.g. Flying Machine, several rapid pulsars, etc), you will be asked to dismantle the device. Failure to do so can get you banned.




The Vanilla Server is NOT the same thing as a Hardcore server. PVP is turned on, but may not be used without both parties consenting. Anyone who is killed without permission, by another member, must have all their inventory returned to them.
Player traps are NOT allowed under any circumstances…EVER!
Griefing is not allowed. If you are not sure what this means, refer to the main server rules.
There are no build limitations or mining regulations, other than:
1. Don’t be hateful. Be a good and helpful neighbor.




The Mining World is open to everyone. If you are tired of strip mining under your residences, or have run out of space in your area, just go to the portal on the bottom floor in the warp room at Spawn or type /warp mine,  and dive in :) We don't have a lot of restrictions for this world, but there are a few.


All server rules apply except for a few:
• DO NOT make a residence.
• DO NOT /sethome
• You may not make any claims on areas of the map.
• Absolutely NO BUILDS - This is a mining world only- any and all builds will be removed
• No redstone




• Replant the trees you cut down.
• Cut down (completely) and replant the trees that you shave.
• Never leave floating tree tops or leaves. New trees will not re-grow with leaves above them (they do not      de-spawn when you leave the chunk.
• When replanting: one dirt block requires 1 sapling, 4 dirt blocks require 4 saplings. Failing to replant properly does not count as replanting.





• In the Nether, you may find and claim one fortress as your own. You may also erect a small structure around your portal and also a grinder in your fortress.
• You MAY harvest netherrack, soul sand, quartz, etc. You may NOT mark it as claimed land. The Nether is much smaller than the over-world. Please share
• Do not mine or remove anything (including chests) from a fortress you didn't claim.
• You must remove your Nether Portal if it creates a linking portal on another member’s property. (See instructions on the forums under “How to’s and Helpful Hints” for un-linking portals)





• You may NOT create a residence here, but you may /sethome.
• Do not remove anything from a fortress that you have not claimed as your own,  including chests, blocks, banners....ANYTHING.
• If you set create a residence, you risk losing it when we wipe to regenerate the End.  You will not be compensated for your loss.




• Just because a property is not res’d, does not mean it is fair game to be pillaged by anyone. DO NOT TOUCH IT!
• Do NOT enter another member’s build, EVEN IF IT IS NOT LOCKED.
• DO NOT HARVEST PLANTS OR ANIMALS OF ANY KIND from a member’s farm or property without their permission.
• Breaking or placing a block of any sort, and/or changing the property of another player’s claimed area in any way, is considered griefing.
• Building too close to another player’s area without their permission, is also considered griefing.
• Do not /sethome in another players area, or use any commands to travel into another player’s area without their permission.
• Do not steal from another player.
• If it's not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT.
• Builds of any sexual nature, or any build that promotes racism, discrimination, or hatred are not allowed and will be immediately removed. This is a bannable offense.




• At this time, PVP is not enabled on this server except in the pvp and jousting arenas at Olympia (/warp Olympia).
• There is also PVP on the Vanilla server.
• You must be sure to have permission when engaging in PvP with any member. Anyone who accidentally kills another
member must return all inventory items including those that are destroyed or lost.
• Engaging in PVP without permission will cause you to be banned.
• Setting player traps is NOT allowed and will cause you to be banned.


Text and Voice


• Do not spam or advertise when in game chat or in Discord.
• Be mindful and respectful to others in chat.
• Hate Speech of any sort (racism, sexuality, political, ect...) will not be tolerated.




• If you wish to be left alone, or simply do not want to be bothered by a certain player, remember that you have the /ignore [playername] command at your disposal. Use that and peace shall be restored once again :)


KrumbledMC has absolutely no tolerance for any of the following:


• Discrimination
• Harassment
• Bullying
• Insulting
• Flaming
• Racism


Hate Speech:


What this means:


• Respect the other members on this server.
• Refrain from using what is considered hate speech, even in a joking conversation.
• Keep it between yourselves and out of general chat.
• Refrain from over the top talk regarding lewd, disgusting and/or illegal behavior.
• Always feel free to state your boundaries assertively and directly.


What this doesn't mean:


• You have to stop cursing
• You can't have the occasional playful banter with other players.


If caught breaking any of the rules, the following may occur:


• /ignore - Players may ignore you at their discretion. Playing Minecraft on a server where everyone has ignored you is not fun.
• Temporary Ban - Removal from the server with the ability to play at a later date.  
• Ban - Removal from the server without the ability to return.


In-game chat should be friendly and approachable for anyone who's playing. The fact that we are an adult server is not an invitation to have risqué and/or vulgar chat where everyone has to read it. It means we are actual adults who don't feel the need to fill every conversation full of sex jokes and over-the-top profanity. Everyone swears every now and then, but there's a tolerable limit for most people. If you're not sure where that limit is, you'll need to figure it out. If you feel the need to have a conversation that will come too close to, or go beyond the rules, then have it either in a private whisper conversation, or take it to a private channel in Discord. If you need to be warned too many times about your chat, you will be muted or banned.


Member's should try to work out their differences together, if that is possible.  If not, the owners and admins will have final say. The end.


This is a game....let's have fun :)